Tanzania Expedition


Atman Tribe wants to present an important and  exciting new partnership and collaboration built on solidarity with the “Tanzania Expedition” project, led by the Pandemia Sonor3 & Brigandz ,co-creators of our Anniversary Stage.

Aims to build water wells in remote villages, promote renewable energy, collect items for local communities, raise HIV awareness, and offer a cultural area at the expedition; 


The proceeds obtained through the sale of the T-shirts and through the various benefit initiatives related to the shipment will make it possible to build two water wells in two villages where the water problem is unfortunately very real; the first, a small village in the jungle near the village of Mgololo in the Iringa region, so small that it does not appear on the maps; the second, Chalinze, in the Arusha region, in the heart of the Serengeti plain. The wells will be built by two local companies and there will be the possibility of supporting them in the construction. Another concept that we will introduce and tackle together with the local community, starting from the construction of the wells, is that of renewable energy: the idea is in fact to build a dynamo bicycle to be able to create electricity useful for powering the pump of the well itself. 

Join Us

We will also carry out awareness-raising interventions on the HIV issue directly on site, also bringing information and prevention material. At the party there will be the Melting Pot area where it will be possible to find music, artistic material and local crafts.

We advise you to land at Dar es Salaam airport, from which there will then be the possibility of taking a shuttle with which you can reach three campsites in the city of Kaole, in the province of Bagamoyo; for camping, shuttle and car rental reservations, write directly to the Fb Tanzania Expedition page (private message); for those wishing to undertake the journey by land from Europe, all the information about it will soon come out.

Although particular vaccines are not mandatory, our suggestion is to evaluate the possibility of preventive treatment for malaria. At the moment there are no restrictions regarding Covid 19 even if things can change quickly. For more information click on the link: Safe Travel

You can continue to support us with the purchase of the t-shirts both online and at the various benefits that will be organized in Europe (France, Italy, Spain), with donations or by coming with us on site in June.