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Over the past few years, Atman Festival Charity has actively contributed to a wide array of social initiatives, charitable organizations, and non-governmental organizations, making a positive impact on the lives of many. Additionally, Atman Charity outreach efforts have extended to remote communities, with the aim of enhancing their quality of life. By collaborating with schools, hospitals, and shelters dedicated to supporting individuals in need, Atman Festival Charity has been able to broaden their reach and bring about meaningful change in these communities.

 2023 CHARITY projects

  • The Atman Festival Charity will partner with the Tanzania Expedition Project, utilizing all water profits to support the creation of wells in Tanzania, ensuring access to clean water.
  • Additionally, 15 from every ticket sale will be donated to various social causes: 3€ Methsewa Foundation Orphanage Sri Lanka – 5€ Santa Clara a Velha Village Association – 2€ Valli Amma Ashram – 1€ Nostruckture – 1€ Alternative School – 2€ Saboia School – 1€ Colmena School (Uruguay)

past editions charities and projects

  • The Atman Festival Charity has consistently supported various initiatives, charities, NGOs, and communities, including donations to Sri Lankan families in need, contributing to the Valli Amma Ashram’s school construction, collaborating with the Meth Sea Foundation for orphanage facilities, renovating schools and playgrounds, and assisting a child kidney patient.
  • Their impactful efforts have also included supporting woman shelter and donating profits from their Chai Shop and recycled wood to the Meth Sea Foundation, showcasing their ongoing commitment to making a positive difference.

Bringing smiles to Children All Over the World

The Atman Charity Projects for Children has provided support to families, partnered with Valli Amma Ashram for school construction and holistic teachings, collaborated with the Meth Sea Foundation for orphanage facilities and medical assistance, renovated schools and playgrounds, and made donations to various causes, demonstrating their commitment to helping children and vulnerable communities.


2019 –  Renovation Lunama School & Renovation of child playground in Nonegama School. Atman has also had a clean the National Park of Uvsangoda, Donated all materials (wood ecc..) to the  villagers. 

2019 – Tangle donated to a Children Kidney Patient 5000Euro to support medical expenses 

Atman Charity 2023

Atman Charity 2022

Atman Charity 2021

hers some Foundation and charity we have Sponsored: