Chaishop / Bar / Restaurant

We offer…

• Free entrance

• 1 Meal every day

• Water during the festival

Our volunteers must…

• Act in a friendly manner.
• Deal with the public in a polite and helpful way.
• Act and behave with maturity, honesty and reliability.
• Turn up to the onsite staff meeting in good health and not intoxicated – this is an important meeting.
• Be (and remain) of good health and state and able to work on their feet carrying out basic manual tasks for much of the day. In particular, being intoxicated means you will be unable to carry out your activities.
• Maintain good standards in all of their activities.
• Work well and properly communicate with other team members.
• Be 18 years of age or over.
• Inform us immediately if they become ill or injured.
• Bring a refillable water bottle; let’s keep festivals green!

Activity requirements

• It is likely that you will need to complete a 6 hours shifts every day, from  9th January untill 15th January (Eco-Team excluded because they will work until 16th January).
• It is highly likely that you will need to be on site 8th January before 4 PM.
• You must not cease carrying out your designated activities until directed to do so.
• You must arrive at the festival during the time window stated and follow directions given to access the site correctly.


Deposit is set to €200 cash (we can accept cash only, no cheques, bank cards or PayPal transactions). This deposit will be returned to you on site at the end of the festival once shifts have been completed to a good standard. However, if you do not complete your shifts, you forfeit this deposit and it will be withheld by Atman.