Charity Projects Atman 2023

Methsewa Foundation 

The Methsewa Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports children with diverse abilities in Handapanagala, Moneragala District, Sri Lanka. The foundation operates a home providing shelter, nourishment, medical care, and education to these children. Many come from disadvantaged backgrounds in a remote area, where families struggle to meet their unique needs. The foundation seeks to meet the needs of these marginalized children and relies on donations to provide daily essentials, including food, medical supplies, clothing, and vocational training. 

  Valli Amma Ashram

Nestled in Kataragama village, Vali Amma Ashram, transcends its spiritual roots to become a place where the community find support and transformative force. Vali Amma Ashram champions education, providing underprivileged children access to schools and essential learning opportunities, shaping a brighter future. Beyond education, the ashram supports struggling families through projects offering vital food supplies, elevating living conditions in the region. Through consistent funding and unwavering support Atman Festival has been a steadfast supporter of Vali Amma Ashram’s mission and vision.

Tanzania Expedition

Aims to build water wells in remote villages, promote renewable energy, collect items for local communities, raise HIV awareness, and offer a cultural area at the expedition; 

Project Impact

Addressing water scarcity in two Tanzanian villages through T-shirt sales, funding wells, and introducing renewable energy

Community Engagement

Collaborating with local companies, volunteers, and contributors to build wells, provide resources, raise HIV awareness, and support local populations.


Support through T-shirt purchases, donations, and joining June expedition; focusing on water, energy, community, and health impact.


Participants advised to land at Dares Salaam airport, shuttle to Kaole campsites; info on reservations and malaria prevention provided; COVID-19 restrictions variable.

Nos Truckture

Tropi’trash Kid’s Fanfair: A Tropical Decal Extravaganza by Nostructure

Tropi’trash, presented by Nostructure, is a unique amusement park born from the creative assembly of recycled materials, embracing a wild and tropical theme. It offers a one-of-a-kind experience, where visitors can engage with these fantastical beings and indulge in interactive playcharacterized by its eco-friendly approach and imaginative design. Tropi’trash creates an environment that is far from ordinary. More than just a playground, Tropi’trash is a space for social interaction and cultural exchange. It encourages children to actively participate and discover new perspectives, fostering an atmosphere of mutual learning and understanding.

Schools Projects

This year, we are proud to announce our partnership with two local schools in the nearby territory. One of them is a public school, while the others are private alternative schools (one in Odemira area and the other in Uruguay). At Atman Festival, we are committed to supporting these educational institutions by implementing alternative projects and providing them with essential materials and supplies. Our aim is to contribute to the holistic development of the students and create a positive impact on their educational journey. Through these initiatives, we hope to foster a love for learning, creativity, and personal growth among the students, ultimately building a brighter future for the community.

Because Water is a Human Right